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Food Abroad

I know that I already talked about food near the beginning of my trip but I thought it would be a good ifea for me to talk about it again because I now have a better understanding of what is good and what is bad and what is weird.

Fast food down here is not very different to in the US. They have McDonald's, KFC, and Subway just like we do. They have a place that is just like Burger King but it has a different name, it is called Hungry Jacks. There is really no difference between the two places except the name, even the logo's are almost identical. Something that I find really funny down here is the sizes of their meals in fast food restaurants. If I was in the US and asked for a medium sized meal I would get a drink that would bearly fit in my cup holder, down here if I asked for a medium sized meal I would get a drink that would fall out of the cup holder if we took a turn too sharp (that means it is small). The size of the meals down here are a lot smaller than in the US but it costs more to buy them so I find that to be really odd and really annoying.

I have come to know and love some of the famous lollies (I hope I spelt that right because last time I got that wrong) which is just candy. Most of the candy bars down here are very similar like Kit Kat and Snickers, but there are a few that are really good that we don't have in the US like Mars and Boost. Boost is the most amazing chocolate bar I have ever had! There is something very similar to Hershey's chocolate down here and it is called Cadbury chocolate. It is also sold in South Africa (I found that out after my sister came home from there) and I think they are made in England. Cadbury is amazing, that is all I can really say about it, when I gave my host family Hershey's for the first time they struggled to swallow it. Now that I think about it I actually showed my host family smores and they did not like them a whole lot either.

Drinks down here are very similar to back at home also. Coca Cola and Fanta are the most popular down here. I have this theory though that Coca Cola taste different in every country and it is all better then the US. It does taste better down here but not by much, the country that has the most amazing Coca Cola would be Mexico, I made sure to by a couple of liters of that before I came home. Something that I have never understood down here is lemonade. It has always confused me and that is because their lemonade is carbonated and comes in can like other soft drinks do. They call their version of lemonade cordial.

As far as main meals go there is really nothing different. BBQ's are pretty popular down here in the summer time and meat pie is very popular in the winter time. MEAT PIE IS AMAZING! Something else that I have aten a lot more of since I came here is asian food. There is a lot of different cultures around here so if you want to eat in the mall half of the restaurants are asian. I have even learned how to hold and use chop sticks properly!


Aussie Food

    Most people would normally think that Australians like to eat "shrimp on the barbie" but it is not this way at all, nobody ever puts "shrimp on the barbie" it is just what Americans think they do.  Australian would normally say "put a snag on the barbie", a snag is the Australian slang word for sausage.  There are also other great foods here like meat pie, lolli's, dim sims, kangaroo meat, and dare I say it, vegemite.

    Meat pie is just about the greatest food in the world!  It is just a pie, with meat in it.  Most people would not think this would taste good and when I first heard about it I was a little weirded out myself but after eating it I realized it is amazing.  There are two different kinds of meat pie (that I have heard of), there is the original meat pie with beef in it and there is also the chicken pie with chicken in it.  I have grown to love the chicken pie but while I am sitting in the stands at a footy game, a good original meat pie will suit my needs.

    Lolli's is a very confusing word for me, a lolli is just a peice of candy, unless it is chocolate, then they call it chocolate.  It was very funny the first time I used the word candy because everyone laughed at me, I did not understand what was so funny, then I realized that they don't say candy, they say lolli's.  The Australian candy is actually not very different from American candy, they have snickers, twix, and milky way just like America but they have some of their own chocolate that is delicious.  I have fallen in love with their mars bar which is almost just like snickers, but with less caramel.  They also have these cool little eggs that have toys inside of them, I have also seen these in Mexico but I have never seen them in America.  They are fantastic.

    Dim sims don't have an American equivelant and I don't think I will be able to describe them very easily.  It is one of those foods that all you have to do is stick it in the microwave for a couple of minutes then they are ready to eat.  They are like little capsules with meat and other good ingredients in them.  To be honest I don't even know what is even inside them, all I know is that they a delicious.

    Kangaroo meat is something that could be an Australian stereotype and might also not be.  I know that before I left for Australia I was so excited to try it but most people did not think Australians eat kangaroo meat.  I have proved them all wrong because Australians actually do eat kangaroo and it is the second best meat in the world, the best meat in the world is actually buffalo.  Kangaroo is just like beef but without as much fat and it is not as juicy.  I made fejitas out of them and it worked out very well.

    The last extreme Australian food is vegemite.  The first time I tried vegemite I never wanted to see it again, it was disgusing.  The same thing also happened the second time I tried it and it was still disgusting.  The reason this tasted so disgusting is because I was doing it wrong, putting vegemite on your bread actually takes a little bit of skill.  Vegemite is a very salty spread kinda like peanut butter, and whenever Americans use peanut butter they put a lot on, so that is what I did, and it did not taste good at all.  A couple of weeks later my host family made a little snack if vegemite crackers, it was just vegemite on the crackers.  It actually tasted good this time because they showed me the real way of putting it on.  I think I almost like vegemite now but I won't ever tell my host family that because then they will do the whole "I told you so" thing.

    This is not that interesting but I will say it anyway because it is a very funny story.  The first time I went to an Australian KFC was about two days after meeting my host family.  After I ordered the lady behind the cash register asked me if I wanted any sauce, so I said ranch.  After I said that I think the world went into slow motion because I could see her slowly tilt her head, give me a strange look, and say "what?".  I quickly realized that maybe Australia has no ranch so I said never mind and walked away with a semi confused look on my face.  Later that day I asked my host family if there is ranch in Australia and they said "yes but it is not very popular".  That was the reason behind my strange moment at KFC and it was weird for me to think about because in America ranch is very popular. 

    There are all of my facts on Australian foods.  I am going to eat a delicious meat pie now.

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